T3 Wound Wash

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The active ingredient is Benzalkonium chloride, which combined with APT™ is a very effective topical wound cleanser.

What Can the T3 Wound Wash Do?

This formula helps protect skin and supports the healing of minor cuts, scrapes, burns, and wounds, including pressure sores, diabetic ulcers, cracked skin and lips.

The T3 Wound Wash is a topical antiseptic used to help decrease the risk of skin infections.

This product is not yet available, please contact us or check back in the future for more information.


This formula is unique to theT3 Wound Wash, and cannot be replicated in other products. The dedication that Advanced Performance Technology puts into creating this formula and many others is what makes the results so effective compared to other options. Keep this in mind when you need a new wound care agent or other skincare treatment.

Why Do People Need a Wound Cleaning Solution?

This part of wound care is important for a few reasons but should be done in conjunction with changing wound dressings and monitoring swollenness. Caring for your skin during the healing process will save time and make for a better recovery from your injury. Here are some of the important benefits of using a wound cleaning cream or ointment:

  • Preventing infection is the first thing to worry about when you have a wound. If you do not use a wound cleaning wash, there is potential for your wound to become a ground for bacteria to grow. Make sure that your wound stays clean, or you could be dealing with severe side effects from your injury.
  • Speedy healing is another benefit of using wound cleaning wash. The T3 Wound Wash has properties that help heal as they clean, and other wound ointments may as well. 
  • Minimal scarring will happen if you use a good over-the-counter wound treatment. If your scrape or cut is on any highly visible area on your body, you probably want to have the smallest scar possible. The combination of T3 Wound Wash and application of APTT3X formulation will play a big part in helping the healing process move quickly and effectively. 

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