Our products utilize a proprietary, dual-carrier topical drug delivery system, we call:

Advanced Performance Technology™ (APT™)

APT™ has solved the absorption problem that has hindered previous attempts with enabling topically applied medications to penetrate the epidermis into the dermis and surrounding tissues safely. The APT™ within our lead product, Tetracycline 3% ointment, operates by disrupting the cell wall of the organism and flooding the organism with medication, causing a biochemical and mechanical kill of the organism.

APT™ has the added benefit of optimizing the local tissue environment for a more rapid healing process. APT™ dramatically improves performance of many topical medications, allowing for maximal effectiveness of our topically applied products. The APT™ will be a key aspect of all our product offerings brought into the consumer healthcare marketplace.


Validating APT™ efficacy with GLP Laboratory Tests

We are happy to share our testing results under a confidentiality agreement.

Learn more about our products that utilize APT™.


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