Most often there is notable improvement within 48 hours with the types of skin issues where the Tetracycline 3 % ointment is used. More severe infections may need longer treatments time frames of up to 10-14 days.

Only if you are sensitive to Tetracycline products or any of the inactive ingredients on the list. To date, there have been no documented adverse reactions to use of this product.

This site can only provide guidelines and data that comply with the FDA monograph for Tetracycline HCl 3% as a first aid ointment product. As with all non-prescription topical medications, there are many people whom have different uses and successful experiences with this product.

Currently, we only sell this product through our website. There may be a time when this is available in retail outlets.

Our products utilize a proprietary, dual-carrier transdermal drug delivery system, we call: Advanced Penetration Technology™ (APT™).

APT™ has solved the absorption problem that has hindered previous attempts with enabling topically applied medications to penetrate the epidermis into the dermis and surrounding tissues safely. The APT™ within our lead product, Tetracycline 3% ointment, operates by disrupting the cell wall of the organism and flooding the organism with medication, causing a biochemical and mechanical kill of the organism. APT™ has the added benefit ofoptimizing the local tissue environment for a more rapid healing process. APT™ dramatically improves penetration of many topical medications, allowing for maximal effectiveness of our topically applied products. The APT™ will be a key aspect of all our product offerings brought into the consumer healthcare marketplace.

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