Lidocaine 4%

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Lidocaine and the Advanced Performance Technology (APT™) platform will provide very effective pain relief and skin desensitization due to our unique penetrating abilities.

This product is not yet available, please contact us or check back in the future for more information.


Advanced Performance Technology has been working together to create the most effective and quickest-acting formulas for our clients since 2016. The Lidocaine 4% pain treating ointment is an example of our hard work. What can Lidocaine do for you? Here are some benefits of and uses of lidocaine.



Lidocaine: Uses and Benefits

What Do You Use it For?

Lidocaine is a pain treating ointment that uses local anesthetics to eliminate pain from skin conditions like eczema and certain wounds. It can be effective against itching due to rashes in sensitive areas. You should use this pain treating ointment on clean, dry skin about two or three times per day. If you have other medical instructions from a doctor, follow those. 

Lidocaine 4% is a great alternative for people who are allergic to medications like diphenhydramine. It is also an easier delivery method than other options, which would include a needle and a medical professional. You can apply this to the affected area at home without worrying about visiting a doctor during your workday. 

Lidocaine 4% from Advanced Performance Technology is the most effective pain ointment due to its integration with the APT™ delivery method and its ease of use.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Mitigation of rashes and wound pain
  • Nerve pain reduction
  • Eliminating bug bite itch
  • Hemorrhoid itch reduction
  • Quick delivery method

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