Onychomycosis: Is it really fungus or bacterial damage within Nails?

Significant scientific interest has been created around what most people and Doctors have “assumed” were common and chronic “Nail Fungal Infections”.   The article below using more advanced methods of analyzing (DNA sequencing: MicroGen Dx the true causes of these nail infections, found the vast majority of presumed nail fungal infections are primarily bacterial infections (over 80%).  This is BIG NEWS !

APMA Article

 Why does this matter?   We have noted many individuals using the topical, non-prescription, APTT3X™ formulation to treat their nail infection issues.   Most of these individuals were diagnosed with a long term (chronic) nail fungal infection.   While these results have been overwhelmingly positive, there is another key reason that the APTT3X™ formulation exerts this very clinically effective treatment.

The proprietary base formulation of the Advanced Performance Technology™ (APT™) has been proven to effectively penetrate nails (keratin).   The Nail Penetration Study was performed under the direction of the leading mycologist, Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum, Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic. 

Long term use of unnecessary topical or oral antifungal medications can increase fungal resistance and more importantly cause other side effects in patients (liver issues particularly).  Additional side effects include headache, stomach upset, diarrhea, rash, itch, and loss of taste.  Antifungal pills can be expensive, these pills may not work, or the infection may come back.

The APTT3X™ formulation has exceeded all topical options in successfully resolving nail and nail bed infections.   No side effects (adverse events) have been reported in over 8 years of APTT3X™ formulation uses.

While the primary focus of the APTT3X™ formulation has been in wound care, burn care, diabetic ulcer care and orthopedic/trauma care, this new light around nail infections create another benefit of this revolutionary formulation.

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Observations & Expectations when using APTT3X™ for Nail disease treatments:

  1.  The APTT3X™ formulation creates a yellow color to nail, but this will go away once the treatment has completed.
  2. Treat as directed: Apply once daily for 5 days in a row, skip a week, then repeat treatment for 5 days in a row for 3 cycles of treatments.  Apply the APTT3X™ formulation to entire nail and completely around the margins of where skin and nail come together, particularly along the base of nail where it meets the skin.
  3. Nails do not regrow quickly.   It can take anywhere from10-18 months to regrow toenails, while fingernails can take 4-6 months.   So, progress is slow but progressive.

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